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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stocking fillers!

I've decided to participate in the stocking fillers, as the lovely https://twitter.com/#!/heelsnstocking has come up with so feel free to also join in the naughty stocking fillers and share your experiences!

First of all I would like to share some of my favorite pictures of the year and they are the following: 

 Of course I have a lot of pictures I like and this is only a little selection but these are definitely on the top of my list.

1) What was your most memorable sexual moment?
I must say that it definitely was the visit with my bf to a sex club.
It certainly was a night I will never forget, cause I had my first girl on girl experience! And I must say I did enjoy it ;)

2) What firsts did you try this year?
I did try a whole lot of things this year. Most of them where at the sex club
Like mentioned in the post before;
First visit to a sex club
First girl kiss 
First tasting a girl (I'll let you think about that one)
First letting be tasted ;)

3) What would you like to try for 2012?
More girl action! 
A real spanking would also be nice (as I am curious and a very naughty girl)
On that note, I would like to try and get my bf to be a bit more dom like in the bedroom. He certainly is learning at least.
I'm also open for a lot of other new things so I'm happy to see what's going to happen next year!
Something what is also definitely on my to do list is meeting some of you for a tweetup or at the EroticMeet some of you might be familiar with. If you haven't heard of it, put yourself in the naughty corner and go look at http://eroticmeet.net/

4) What’s on your sex toy shopping list for 2012? 

A Hitachi certainly is on my shopping list, I'm just dying to try one.
Also I've heard pretty good stuff about LELO vibrators so I'm also interested in trying one of those.
At least 2 pair of good quality pretty stockings, it's really hard to find those so might
And since I love bustiers and corsets, I certainly will make it a goal next year to find a pretty one to strap my sexy body into ;)

A gift from our readers…
Of course the icing on the Christmas Cake is we want pictures of our readers enjoyment…. Yes that is you masturbating, which we want sending over the festive period reading to publish on our blogs 28th of December (ish) subject to family stuff going on. Send you images via twitter or email. My email is rosemonrou@gmail.com, don't feel shy you can also send one secretly (even more exciting if you don't know who it is!) Also be creative and surprise me, I'm not afraid of anything ;)
A full list of who’s playing is on http:heelsnstocking.blogspot.com side bar.


  1. Thanks for taking part. Unfortunately we didn't link to your entry in our own, as you were a late addition. But we'll fix that straight away.

    You already know how much we love your bathtub shots, but the picture of your neck is delightful and brings to mind many naughty thoughts.

    Your answers are excellent. We, too, are looking forward to trying a LELO product and hope to get one next year. And stockings and corsets are very hot; when you get some we hope you'll share some pictures.

  2. Thanks for joining in! And such a worthy contribution.

    I'm coming back to read the links when I'm not quite so tied up.. Last dose of ysl this year.

    Yummy xxx

  3. Holy crap, that first photo has me speechless...

  4. Hi Rose. I'm pretty new here, but I must say that your selection of favourite photos has all of sudden filled me with an insane hunger. Amongst other things.

    Thank you kindly. And seasons greetings.

  5. As others have said, your bathtub photo is very appealing and arousing, thank you, lovely.