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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sinful Sunday: Skirt

I've posted this Friday on Twitter already but I felt that it also deserved some more attention. These are the stockings that went along to London with me to the Erotic Meet and I'm sure these were not unnoticed.

The skirt here is part of my schoolgirl outfit, I only need a good tie for it to make the outfit perfect.

Also the exact crotchless panties that I had on at the EM

If you want to see who else is playing, click the image below.

Sinful Sunday


  1. We missed this on Twitter so we're very glad you posted it here! So alluring! This shot nicely depicts our mutual schoolgirl fantasy. If you ever get that tie, be sure to take another picture!

  2. Lovely! I missed this on Twitter as well, thank you for sharing here :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. I feel that the area of leg just above the tops of stockings is one of the most erotic. Thanks for sharing.

  4. My Sinful Sunday is also something that was already posted to Twitter! I'm glad you reposted it, I missed seeing it the first time around

  5. mmmm that is one sexy photo :)
    Rebel xo

  6. You had crotchless panties on at EM? Damn and blast, how did I miss that!?

    Soooo.... when do we get to see the schoolgirl outfit?


  7. You have got some of the best legs I've ever seen. *bit jealous*

  8. Sexy, Sexy, Sexy..........

    ~Mia~ XX

  9. Pretty much nothing sexier than a school girl outfit like that.

  10. I never missed it on twitter but glad to see it again! Lovely legs!

  11. Mmmm! Those are very sexy stockings! My Master very much enjoys the schoolgirl look!
    xoxo, Slut

  12. Very gorgeous stockings on those beautiful long legs! Love it, thank you for sharing x