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Friday, July 22, 2011

Date with capital D part 1

Before I knew it I was waiting for D in the city. Just a few hours before we agreed meeting and we went through the options together. We could meet, go for a drink, go to his place, go to a sauna and more. We agreed meeting and decided on the spot where to go.
My heart was racing when I saw somebody pulling over and then I saw him. He was even sexier then in his pictures and he had a big smile on his face when he saw me. I probably did too. We walked over to each other and started kissing right away. While we were kissing, I smelt his nice scent and I felt his body against mine. My hands wondered over back and I felt his cute butt. Nice and firm, just how I like it.

We stood there kissing for a few minutes and then he stepped back and looked at me.
With heels on I was slightly taller then him and he noticed that. He didn't suspect that but he thought it was cute.
Together we decided that we wouldn't bother with going for a drink but straight to his place.
Arriving at his house I walked up the stairs before him. His hands went underneight my skirt and I paused on the stairs. He started feeling my ass and gave a kiss on my cheeks. I started walking up the stairs again and he offered me a drink. I took of my coat and took the drink. We kissed again and quickly decided to go to the bedroom.

We put down the drinks and fell on the bed. He immidiately started me kissing wildly and while I returned that our hands were all over our bodies.  His hands went under my skirt and he felt that I already was soaking wet. My hands went from his ass to the front and I felt that he was very horny. D started to stroke me while kissing and I moaned slightly.
He pulled my thong off and I took my shirt and bra off. I undid his buttons of his shirt and opened his pants.

We took off all the clothes we had left and we started kissing wildly. I could feel his passion and also could see it. He went down on me while kissing and I felt his lips on me.

To be continued.

Love and kisses to all,

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Date time part 2

Finally I had some time to finish my experience with my date with a couple. 

We headed off into the town and decided to go sit somewhere to have a drink. 
It was nice and sunny so enough place to sit outside and watch some people on the go.
We sat down and I sat next to the woman and the man sat down on the opposite side. She was wearing a little dress that was really short when she sat down. While we were talking she pulled it up a bit so she could enjoy the sun some more. Al she had her legs slightly opened so he could peak. 
We talked some more and we really got along. They were nice fun people and had the same kind of ideas about life and everything. They both talked very open about other experiences they had and it got me even more curious about having sex with another couple or girl. 

Didn't feel sexually attracted to them but it was still nice to share experiences and stories. 
Never hurts to be able to talk to people about sex, I think everybody should have people like that to talk to. 
When we were done drinking we decided to go shopping. She needed a bathing suit and being a woman who loves shopping I came along. The men had to fill up the parking meter so we would be alone for a while.
Looking at bathing suits and bikini's I spotted some hot bikini's and bathing suits and decided to try one myself. We headed off to the changing rooms and we took separate ones but on the opposite sides so we could see each other easily.

I slipped into the bikini bottom I took and opened the curtain and waited for her. She tried on several bathing suits and I even helped her with putting one on. 
It was pretty sexy to help her with her bathing suit and exciting too. Looking at the time I knew I had to go back soon so we hurried a bit. He found us in the store and peeked at her while she was changing too. 
Eventually I bought the sexy bikini top and she didn't find anything she liked so she would continue shopping with him. They walked me to the station again and we said goodbye.
It was really fun and exciting and dating isn't that scary after all!

Love and Kisses to all,


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Date time part 1

Yesterday was the day that I had a date with a couple. First time ever I did that.
Which was pretty exciting.

We agreed to meet at a station, I went there by train and they would wait for me there. The day started with me taking a shower, getting all wet of course. After a lovely shower, quickly put on some sexy clothes. This was a skirt, a sexy thong, strapless bra and a sexy top. Also brought my blazer cause it was a bit chilly.
Took my bicycle to the station and stepped in the train towards the meeting point. We agreed to meet at a different station where they would be waiting for me. The train ride took forever in my mind, and I felt nervous.

We agreed that nothing had to happen and anything could happen but I prefer to get to know people first. I'm not the jump straight into bed kind of person. I might be tempted if the other person was really hot but then the flirting would be enough to get to know each other. Getting back to the date, when I got out of the train I was very nervous. My legs were a bit shaky and wearing heels doesn't help then. I walked towards the meeting point and I saw them standing there.
Walking towards them, I saw the smile on their faces so I knew they like me. Only thing I noticed is that they were a lot smaller then me. (I'm a pretty tall girl with my 6'1 (1.83 in meters) and I didn't see that one coming)
We said hi to each other by 3 kisses on the cheeks (that's how it's done in Holland)
And together we walked while talking into the city.

To be continued......

Love and kisses to all,

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sexy Sunday

From this day on I am going to declare Sunday as Sexy Sunday. Who doesn't like a nice sexy outfit?
I dare you, if you don't you ain't doing it right!

To start the Sexy Sunday off, I put on a sexy outfit and surprised my boyfriend with it. I laid in bed waiting (doing a sexy pose) By that time I was already pretty excited and wet and my boyfriend made me even wetter.
After some long forplay we had some amazing sexy sex (as it should be on sexy sunday)
For the rest of the day I have been walking in my sexy outfit hoping for some more action along the day.

Along with the sex I also did a little playing of my own, to make sure there is an orgasm. It's the healthy thing to do if you have trouble having an orgasm during sex. If you don't you just are fooling yourself. (and it's also good foor you health to have an orgasm) Nothing wrong with liking sex and enjoying it but you have to keep in mind your own pleasure. For more pleasure and fun I also do a lot of online flirting and chatting with men and woman. I guess I'm a real flirty person and getting told you're beautifull isn't bad for your confidence either. Win-win situation cause the people I flirt with get the same treatment.

Love and kisses to all!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The world of sex

Sex is a funny thing, especially when you want it. I've got to say that it totally depends on whether you are a man or a woman. If a woman wants sex, she can get it. If a man wants sex, totally different there.

If you go on a site for sex hook ups, you'll find a man near you in no-time. (Trust me there are at least hundreds in a 5 mile radius) Finding a girl on the other hand is totally different. Plus you got a lot of competition and to find a woman that is into you and isn't interested in other man is hard. Really hard.

Getting a woman would be a lot easier if you got the looks, money, fame or power. Admit it girls, when somebody has all or 1 of those things, you would do him faster. I am no different, I admit that I find guys more attractive if they have one of those features. Difference is that I also like my guys smart, so there goes about half of the market for me. (If not, more then half)
Also I'm a sucker for a cute smile and love it when a guy is a bit shy and nerdy.

But I have got to say, even when you are a woman and are looking for a woman, it is still hard to find somebody who is also looking for a woman and likes you.

Love and kisses to all!!