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Monday, January 16, 2012

Sex cinema (part 1)

This week was the first time I went to a sex cinema.
Yes, I know what you're imagining now, some dodgy old place where there's only men lurking around. But it wasn't at all. This place was rather nice to be honest.
When we entered the place, and found out it also is a shop with a lot of different stuff in it. Everything from a big collection of all kinds of porn, blow up riding equipment, toys and lingerie. There even was a lot of fetish stuff there but mostly all the cheaper stuff. Didn't see much of the good stuff there but that wasn't the reason I was there with my date D.

We talked with the guy behind the counter about the place and that apparently they were busy with a classy place for hookers next door. Also we found out that sex cinema's are very rare and very difficult to get the right permits for.
But I'll stop boring you with stuff like that and get to the point.

The owner showed us around and showed us the sex cinema part.
They had different sections and to our surprise it was also pretty big. There was a gay section and a hetero section and a little maze with different porn playing everywhere. It was pretty cold and it was rather empty so we decided to take one of the private rooms you can rent to privately watch porn in and do whatever you want.
He told us to pick out something we like and he would pop it in so we could watch it in the room. I let D choose and this wasn't that difficult in my mind but very hard for him.
It kinda was amusing to see him go through all the DVDs and eventually he picked one about a swingers party. We handed the DVD over to the guy behind the counter and and walked to the private room section. We entered the room and turned the tv on and pressed play as we made ourselves comfortable on the big corner sofa.

He sat down next to me and we started kissing. While kissing our hands went over each others body, exploring, feeling. His hand went over my skirt and as he reached the bottom of it he moved his skirt upwards over my stocking. Slowly moving, over the edge of my stockings, getting closer to a very wet place. As he felt how wet I was, I was stroking over his pants. While kissing we undid each others clothes, revealing our naked bodies.
All happening with the porn on the background, people moaning and making us even more horny...
To be continued...

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  1. I'll await part 2 with a very certain and focussed interest Rose.
    What a delicious date.