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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

TMI Conspicuous Luxery

1. Do you have a set of dishes that are used for special occassions (e.g. china)? Yes or no. If yes, how often do you use the special dishes?
I don't have special dishes, or anything like that. I think that anything is for use, pretty or not.

2. Do have clothes that you never wear because you are saving them for a special occasion? What is that item of clothing? What would be the appropriate occasion?
Not really. I do have some dresses I barely wear but that is because they are pretty and I don't want to ruin them

3. If you suddenly became very wealthy, which servants would you employ?
a. cleaning service
Definitely a person to clean stuff for me, not sure if I would be nice to them cause I have my own system and way to do stuff. Even though a maid is probably a better idea. Hmm tricky one. I'll go for either one of them.
b. housekeeper
c. cook
d. valet/maid/lady-in-waiting
e. chauffeur
f. dog-walker
g. other

4. If you were wealthy, how many homes would you own? Where? (locations–mountains, tropical places for the winter, foreign country/city)
I would go for 2 pretty normal sized houses on 2 different continents, one in Europe by the sea and in the sun and one in the States

5. If you were going to take on a really expensive hobby, which of these would it be?
a. buy an airplane
b. buy a yacht
I would not only buy it but customize it and make sure I have a license to also steer it, if I want to.
c. buy a small winery
d. raise exotic animals

6. What kind of car would you buy if you had an unlimited budget?
a. expensive sports car
Oh I would most certainly go for a nice sports car you can race around in and take it for a few laps around the Nürburgring whenever I can. Yes I like speed and driving and I'm a girl, any problems with that?
b. luxury car
c. monster truck
d. expensive hybrid or electric car
e. cheap car (I’d be too nervous driving an expensive car).
f. something for the chauffeur to drive me around in

Bonus: Currently, what is your favorite luxury item or decadent thing that you do?
My laptop is my precious *pets laptop*


  1. Happy TMI Tuesday.

    I have no problem with you being a fast girl. ;-)


    My TMI Tuesday is here:

  2. I love a good fast sports car myself, no problems here!! LOL

    ~Kazi xxx